Shropshire’s Fastest Growing Businesses: A Tour Through the Top Growth Companies

16 January 2024

An Exploratory Guide to Shropshire’s Fastest Growing Businesses

Shropshire, a county rich in history and culture, is also a vibrant hub of business and innovation.

Living amidst the rolling hills and charming market towns of Shropshire, I take pride in exploring the businesses that are driving our local economy forward. Let’s delve into some of the most notable high growth rate businesses in our region, each contributing uniquely to our county’s growth and diversity with the growth they achieved shown over varying periods in the last 5 years.

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Capital Care Group: Leading the Way in Compassionate Care

The Rise of a Care Home Giant

Seniors at a care homeAt the forefront of Shropshire’s business landscape is the Shrewsbury-based Capital Care Group. Specializing in providing top-notch care services, they have seen a remarkable 50+% growth over three years. Their commitment to quality care and community support has not only enhanced their reputation but also significantly contributed to local employment.

Notable Achievements:

  • A 50+% growth over three years.
  • Expansion in the care home sector, including the acquisition of a 47-bed care home in Wolverhampton.

“Our growth is a testament to our dedicated team and our commitment to providing the best care for our residents,”

a spokesperson for Capital Care Group mentioned.

Pickstock Telford: A Cut Above in Meat Processing

Meat Processing Excellence

Meat processing factory isometric viewPickstock Telford, a meat processing company, stands out with a remarkable growth of over 40%. Located in Hortonwood, they have become a key player in the food industry, contributing to both local employment and the regional economy.

Key Highlights:

  • A growth rate of 40+%.
  • Significant contribution to the local food industry.

“We’re proud of our growth and the quality of our products,”

an employee at Pickstock Telford said.

Skyjack UK: Reaching New Heights

Innovative Aerial Platform Manufacturing

aerial access platforms ShropshireSkyjack UK, based in Oswestry, has soared with a growth of nearly 30%. Their innovative approach to manufacturing aerial platforms has not only created job opportunities but also positioned them as a leader in their field.


  • A growth of almost 30%.
  • Innovation in aerial platform manufacturing.

“Our success is driven by our commitment to innovation and quality,”

a director of Skyjack UK shared.

Amodil Supplies: The Steel Backbone of Shropshire

Stainless Steel Strength

Isometric image - stainless stell products stockholding.Cleobury Mortimer’s very own Amodil Supplies, the largest UK stockholder of stainless steel products, has shown impressive growth of nearly 30%. Their pivotal role in the supply chain of stainless steel products has made them an essential contributor to the manufacturing and construction industries in the area.

Notable Contributions:

  • A significant growth of nearly 30%.
  • A central role in the supply of stainless steel products across the UK.

“We take pride in our role in supporting the UK’s manufacturing and construction sectors,”

an Amodil Supplies spokesperson said.

Luceco: Lighting the Path to Success

Shining Bright in the Lighting Industry

Isometric view of lighting industry salesLuceco, with its UK distribution center in Telford, achieved a commendable 11th position in Shropshire’s fastest-growing companies list. With a growth in turnover of close to 30%, they have illuminated the path in the lighting industry, combining innovation with sustainability.

Key Features:

  • Achieved a high position in the growth list with a close to 30% turnover growth.
  • A leader in sustainable lighting solutions.

“Our focus on innovation and sustainability has been key to our growth,”

a Luceco director stated.

Muller: Dairy Delight in Shropshire

Milking Success in the Dairy Industry

Isometric view of a Milk and Dairy Sales CompanyMuller, a dairy giant in Shropshire, achieved high honours on the list of fastest-growing companies with a growth of close to 30%. Known for their quality dairy products, Muller has become a household name, contributing significantly to the local economy and employment.


  • A growth of close to 30%.
  • A significant employer in the region.

“Our commitment to quality and community has driven our growth,”

a Muller employee explained.

Grocontinental: On the Road to Growth

Driving Forward in Transport and Logistics

Driving Forward in Transport and LogisticsGrocontinental, a transport and logistics firm, made an impressive entry into the list with a growth of over 10%. Their services play a crucial role in the efficient movement of goods across the region, supporting local businesses and the broader economy.


  • Growth of over 10%.
  • A key player in the transport and logistics sector.

“We are proud to support the local economy through our logistics services,”

a Grocontinental spokesperson commented.

Each of these businesses, with their diverse offerings and commitment to growth, plays a vital role in shaping the economic landscape of Shropshire. Their achievements not only reflect the dynamism of our local businesses but also highlight the potential for future growth and development in our beloved county.

The region is also characterized by a mix of other businesses, including financial services, care services, marquee services, building services, and various others, as evident from lists of top companies in the region​​​​.

Overall, the diversity of sectors represented by these businesses contributes to Shropshire’s healthy business environment and its reputation as an attractive place for business growth and development in the Midlands​​​​.

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