Why Shropshire is the Ideal Location for Local Businesses: Top 15 Reasons

12 May 2023

Shropshire, a county located in the heart of England, is emerging as a powerhouse for both start-ups and established businesses. From its vibrant economy to its excellent connectivity, Shropshire offers an array of advantages that make it an attractive place for entrepreneurs to call home. Here are the top ten reasons why Shropshire is the ideal location for your business.

1. Strategic Location

Situated in the West Midlands, Shropshire is strategically placed with easy access to major cities such as Birmingham, Manchester, and Liverpool. Its central location within the UK provides businesses with the perfect platform to reach and serve a wide consumer base.

2. Excellent Transport Links

Shropshire boasts a well-developed transport infrastructure, with excellent road and rail networks. The M54 motorway provides a direct link to the UK’s main motorway network, while regular train services connect Shropshire to key cities across the country. For international business needs, Birmingham and Manchester airports are both within easy reach.

3. Thriving Economy

Ironbridge Gorge iconShropshire has a robust and diverse economy, spanning industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, tourism, and more. The county’s economic stability provides an ideal environment for businesses to thrive and grow.

4. Rich Talent Pool

With excellent educational institutions like the University of Shropshire and Telford College, the county has a ready supply of skilled and talented graduates. This makes it easy for businesses to recruit and retain high-calibre employees.

5. Supportive Business Environment

Shropshire hills iconShropshire has a very supportive business environment. Local government and business-focused organisations like the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce offer a wide range of services, from start-up advice to funding opportunities.

6. Affordability

Compared to larger cities like London or Birmingham, Shropshire offers lower operating costs. From affordable office spaces to lower cost of living for employees, businesses can enjoy significant cost savings.

7. Quality of Life

Shropshire is known for its high quality of life. With beautiful countryside, historic towns, excellent schools, and a low crime rate, it’s a place where people want to live, work and play. This makes it easier to attract and retain top talent.

8. Innovation and Growth

Shropshire is a hub for innovation. The county is home to several business parks and innovation centres that offer state-of-the-art facilities and support for businesses. Additionally, the county’s commitment to sustainable growth aligns with the increasing global emphasis on environmental responsibility.

9. Networking Opportunities

St. Chads IconWith a thriving business community, Shropshire offers plenty of networking opportunities. Regular business events, meetups, and seminars provide platforms for entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate, and learn.

10. Access to Markets

Finally, Shropshire’s central location within the UK and its proximity to major cities mean businesses can easily reach a vast market of customers. Additionally, the county’s excellent digital infrastructure supports online businesses looking to reach global markets.

11. Diverse Cultural and Recreational Activities

Beyond its business advantages, Shropshire offers a rich cultural scene and a variety of recreational activities. With its numerous museums, art galleries, and music festivals, alongside beautiful parks, gardens and historic sites like Ironbridge Gorge, there’s no shortage of things to see and do. This variety not only contributes to a high quality of life but also provides ample opportunities for corporate social activities and team-building events.

12. Proactive Local Government

Shrewsbury windows icon

The local government in Shropshire plays a proactive role in supporting businesses. They regularly implement policies to stimulate economic growth and development, with a strong focus on supporting small and medium-sized enterprises. This makes the process of starting and running a business more streamlined and less daunting.

13. Robust Digital Infrastructure

In today’s digital age, having a robust digital infrastructure is crucial for businesses. Shropshire has invested heavily in this area, providing businesses with high-speed broadband and other digital services. This allows businesses to operate efficiently, reach customers globally, and stay competitive in the digital marketplace.

14. Focus on Sustainability

Wem IconShropshire is a county that takes its responsibility towards the environment seriously. Many initiatives have been put in place to promote sustainability, from renewable energy projects to waste reduction schemes. For businesses committed to sustainability, Shropshire provides the perfect backdrop for your green efforts and ambitions.

15. Growth Potential

Finally, Shropshire is a place of growth. With ongoing development projects, continued investment in infrastructure, and a steady stream of skilled graduates entering the workforce, businesses located in Shropshire are well-positioned for future success.

Conclusion: Why Shropshire is the Ideal Location for Local Businesses

Shrewsbury Darwin Statue IconTo sum it up, the benefits of setting up a business in Shropshire are manifold. From its strategic location and excellent infrastructure to its supportive business environment and focus on sustainability, Shropshire offers a unique blend of advantages that can help businesses of all sizes thrive. Whether you’re a start-up looking for the right place to launch, or an established business seeking new opportunities for growth, Shropshire should be high on your list of considerations.

In conclusion, Shropshire presents a compelling proposition for anyone looking to establish or grow a business. With its strategic location, excellent infrastructure, vibrant economy, and supportive business environment, it’s clear to see why more and more entrepreneurs are choosing Shropshire as their business base. Now might be the perfect time for you to consider doing the same.

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